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JSC "Zavod "Energokabel" is a modern enterprise, equipped with high-performance equipment that allows to perform all technological process steps for the manufacture of cable-conductor products, including testing, labeling and packaging.

Our plant is one of the recognized industry leaders in the field of output of high-quality products.

Aims of the plant:

We produce cable-conductor products, which have a stable of high quality and successfully compete on price with products from other manufacturers of our country and near abroad.

All our products are certified for compliance with national standards. The company has Certificates of conformity of quality management system requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2011 and GOST RV 15.002-2012 (for the Ministry of Defense), as well as the license for the manufacture of cable products for the nuclear power plants.
In January 2013 the plant "Energokabel" is one of the first cable manufacturers, which won a special sign of the participant Current project "Against fraud on the market of cable products. Conductors and cables Standards - quality, reliability and security".

We consider the quality of products and management system processes as the main condition for the achievement and expansion of markets, the basis of profit and development of organization for customers, staff, suppliers and society.

Credo of our plant: to respect customer that means to load the necessary goods in the required time and in a specified amount.

The main principle of our work is to keep the word, always provide reliable information, quickly and carefully carry out the order of each client.

Main goals:

It is the assistance for the further improvement of quality management system certification for compliance with the requirements of GOST.
It is the continuous improvement of functional and other indicators, produced kinds of cables and conductors, the introduction of the latest design developments, ensured good reliability and safety of manufactured products.

Methods for solving our goals:

It is to bring to all the employees of the goals and tasks, defined by the policy management of the plant in the field of quality.
It is to create the conditions for labor motivation of each employee in the process of working.
It is to provide consistent quality products through the timely analysis of nonconformities and admitting of corrective and preventive actions.
It is the organization of work with suppliers on mutually requirements to quality and the guaranteeing strict performance of these requirements.
It is the continuous raising staff's level of proficiency, the improvement of professional training system for employees (from September 2012 enacted "Regulations on mentoring and material incentives for teachers, students and young workers").
It is social responsibility of business. Nowadays the plant is one of the core enterprises. It is actively involved in the city social programs and public events, and also it helps veterans and schools. For several years the plant and its employees are awarded the honor of being listed on the Honor board of the city and district.
Our success is based on a single strategy: customer focus and continuous improvement of the production process.