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PVS, PVSn, according to GOST 7399-97
GOST 7399-97


Copper, multi-wire, of the 5 class according to GOST 22483.


PVC-compound (color coded conductor)

Core arrangement

Insulated cores are twisted.

Cable sheath

PVC-compound. It is laid with the filling of the gaps between conductors, giving them a circular shape.

The wire of type PVS are designed for connection electrical appliances and power tools for the care and housing repair, washing machines, refrigerators, small tools and equipment for gardening and other similar machines and appliances for the manufacture of extension cords for voltage up to 380 V for systems 380/660 V. T

he wire of type PVSn is not intended for the reinforcement of folding armature.

The class of fire hazard according to GOST 31565 -

Maximum temperature of current-carrying conductor during operation + 70 °С
Ambient temperature during cable operation from -25 °С to + 40 °С
The wires do not spread combustion at single installation

Minimum bending radius during operation not less than

  • for cross-section 0.75; 1.0 mm2 - 40 mm2
  • for cross-section 1.5; 2.5 mm2 - 60 mm2


You can create an application yourself. Using the "Add brand manually" button, select the required cable brand and specify the quantity. After submitting the form, our managers will contact you and clarify the details of the order.

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