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VVG, AVVG, VVGg, AVVGg, VBV, AVBV, VBVg, AVBVg, according to specifications 16.K121-028-2013
specifications 16.K121-028-2013


Copper or aluminum, single-wire or multi-wire core, of circular or sector-shaped form, of the 1 or 2 class according to GOST 22483.


Is made of PVC-compound (color coded conductor)

Core arrangement

Insulated conductors of multi-core cables are twisted in a cable core.

Waterproof cables are twisted with water blocking elements.

Inner sheath

It is made by extrusion with PVC-compound or chalk-filled non-cured rubber with the filling of outer gaps between insulated conductors. It is possible to fill the outer gaps between circular insulated cores with the bundles of non hygroscopic fiber or polymer materials with the lapping of fastening tape, on the top of which the extrusion inner sheath is laid. It is allowed to wrap the cable core with the layer of tapes of polymer material. It is allowed the sheathing of double-layer inner extrusion sheath.


It is made of tape or tapes of conductive paper or conductive synthetic tape or of tapes of non-woven fabric. In waterproof cables – a layer of water blocking tapes.


Is made of copper wires and a spirally imposed copper tape. It is allowed the taping of the screen with copper tapes.

Separating layer

Of polymer tape or non-woven fabric. In waterproof cables – a layer of water blocking tapes.


Of PVC-compound.

Cable armoring

It is laid helically with two steel, galvanized tapes.

Over sheath

Of PVC-compound

The cables are designed for transmission and distribution of electric power at the stationary installation on the nominal alternating voltage 6 kV of frequency 50 Hz for networks with the earthed and insulated neutral.

They can be laid in dry soils (sand, sandy-clay and normal soil with a moisture content of 14%).

The climate modification УХЛ, categories of location 1 and 5 according to GOST 15150, including installation in the ground.

The class of fire hazard of the cables according to GOST 31565

Nominal voltage, kV 6
Ambient temperature during cable operation, °С

from –50

to +50

Minimum bending radius, diameters of cable for multi-wire 12
for single-wire 15
at installation with usage of a special template 7,5
The cables are laid at temperature (without preheat), °С, not below - 15


Current-carrying conductors are manufactured single- or multi-wire according to the table

Type of current-carrying conductor Nominal cross-section of conductor, mm2
circular sector-shaped
Copper Aluminum Copper Aluminum
single-wire for single-wire cables 16 - 50 16 - 800
for multi-wire cables 16 - 400 50 - 400
multi-wire for single-wire cables 16 - 400 25 - 800 25 - 400 25 - 400
for multi-wire cables 16 - 400 25 - 400 35 - 400 35 - 400


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