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KPPGng(A)-HF, KPPGЕng(A)-HF, KPBPng(A)-HF, according to specifications 16.K71-304-2001
specifications 16.K71-304-2001


Copper, single-wire, of the 1 class according to GOST 22483, with the cross-section from 1 to 6 mm2.


Halogen-free polymer composition.

Core arrangement

From 4 to 52 insulated conductors.

The insulated conductors of the cables are twisted. Control cables have distinctive markings of insulated conductors (digital or color).

Inner sheath

Halogen-free polymer composition.


For cables of types KPPGЕng(A)-HF is made in the form of taping with the foiled flexible alumoflex with the contact conductor with a copper, galvanized wire.

Cable armoring

For cables of types KPBPng(A)-HF is laid helically with two steel, galvanized tapes.

Over sheath or jacket

Of halogen-free polymer composition.

The cables are designed for transmission and distribution of nominal electric power and electric signals at the stationary installation on the nominal alternating voltage 660 V of nominal frequency up to 100 Hz including for use in NPP systems of class 3H according to classification ОПБ-88/97 (ПНАЭ Г-01-011).

The cables of types KPBPng(A)-HF are designed for installation in premises and cable structures in case of danger of mechanic damage at operation.

The cables recommended, especially for use at nuclear power stations, large thermal power stations, petrochemical objects, in the subway, on ships; buildings with mass stay of people: concert halls and indoor stadiums, theatres, airports and railway stations; in premises, equipped with computer and microprocessor appliances and other objects which have increased requirements for fire safety.

The class of fire hazard of the cables according to GOST 31565 П1б.

Nominal voltage, kV 0.66
Ambient temperature during cable operation, °С from – 50 to + 50
Minimum bending radius of the cables, diameters of the cable armored 10
non-armored 6
The ambient temperature for installation of the cables (without preheat), °С, not below - 15
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