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KUPPmng(A)-HF, KUPPmng(A)-FRHF, KUPEfPmng(A)-HF, KUPEfPmng(A)-FRHF, according to specifications 3561-441-00217053-2012
specifications 3561-441-00217053-2012

Number of pairs in the cable

1; 2; 4; 8; 12; 16; 20; 32 and 40.

Current-carrying conductor

Copper, with the cross-sections 0.5 mm2

Thermal barrier

For KUPPmng(A)-FRHF and KUPEfPmng(A)-FRHF taping with a mica tape.


Halogen-free polymer composition.

Core arrangement and twisting

Two insulated conductors with the general coloring of different colors are twisted in a pair.

The pairs are twisted in basic four-pair bundles, the basic bundles are twisted in a cable core.

Belt insulation

Spiral overlapping with PET-E tapes.


For cables of types KUPPmng(A)-HF and KUPPmng(A)-FRHF braiding with copper galvanized wires.

For cables of types KUPEfPmng(A)-HF and KUPEfPmng(A)-FRHF lapping with alum polymer tape and a copper galvanized wire superimposed longitudinally.

Over sheath

Halogen-free polymer composition. The color of over sheath is grey, for fire resistant cables – orange. It is allowed different color of the sheath by agreement with a customer.

The cables are designed for transmission of signals with the operational voltage up to 250V of alternating voltage of frequency 50 Hz or of voltage up to 350V of direct voltage to 300mA in communication systems and fire protection systems for general industrial use, including buildings and structures of subway and for connection of transducers and actuators to software and hardware tools of APCS for laying inside the main process of the NPP, for operation outside the containment of nuclear power plants of class 2, 3 and 4 according to classification НП-001-97 (ОПБ-88/97).

The climate modification B, categories of location – 5, atmosphere type IV (coastal-industrial) according to GOST 15150.

Fire resistance of KUPPmng(A)-FRHF, KUPEfPmng(A)-FRHF not less than 180 min.

The class of fire hazard of the cables according to GOST 31565 of cables of types KUPPmng(A)-HF and KUPEfPmng(A)-HF  П1б., cables of types KUPPmng(A)-FRHF and KUPEfPmng(A)-FRHF П1б.

The cables do not spread combustion at laying bunches of cables on category A.

Cables are resistant to salt mist.

Cables are resistant to dynamic dust.

Cables keep working under the influence of earthquakes intensity of 9 points on the MSK.

Increased ambient temperature, °С limit 70
operating 60
Reduced ambient temperature, °С in a fixed installation -40
in conditions of installation bending radius are not less than 10 maximum outer diameters of cable -15
high humidity up to 100% at temperature, °С 35
Fungi score not more than 2
Minimum service life of the cables, years 40


Basic colors of insulation of CCC in the elementary bunch

Number of pair 1 2 3 4
Conductor “a” blue grey green white
Conductor “b” red yellow brown violet


Additional marking of insulation of conductors is in the form of transverse of half-rings (bunches) or rings

Number of bunch 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Number of stripes 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5
Width of stripe  1-2  1-2  1-2  1-2  1-2  7-8  7-8  7-8  7-8  7-8


Electrical parameters

*L - actual cable length, m

Parameter Frequency, kHz Norm Coefficient for recalculation norms on a different length
Electrical resistance of current-carrying conductors to direct current, counted in the 1000m length and temperature of 20oC, MOm, not less Direct current 36,6 L / 1000
Ohm asymmetry of conductors in a working pair, %, not more Direct current 3 -
Electrical resistance of insulation of current-carrying conductors to direct current, counted in the 1000m length and temperature of 20oC, MOm, not less Direct current 100 1000 / L
Test voltage during 1 min applied, B between conductors of working pairs 0,05 1000 -
between conductors of working pairs and screen 2000
Coefficient of attenuation of pairs, dB/km, not more 0,8 120 L / 1000
Coefficient of attenuation of pairs, dB/km, not more 0,8 1,1 L / 1000
10 2,9
39 5
1000 30
Crosstalk on the closer end on the length 1000m, not less , dB 0,8 70 Minus 10 lg (L / 1000)
Characteristic impedance, Om, for types KUPPmng(A)-HF, KUPEfPmng(A)-HF 0,8 or 1,0 350±20%
31,25 100±20%
1000 80±20%
Characteristic impedance, Om, for types KUPPmng(A)-FRHF, KUPEfPmng(A)-FRHF 0,8 or 1,0 400±20%
31,25 130±20%
1000 120±20%
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