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KUGPvEPvng(A)-HF-LOCA, KUGPvEPvng(A)-HF-T-LOCA, KUGPvEPvng(A)-FRHF-LOCA, KUGPvEPvng(A)-FRHF-T-LOCA, KUGPvEPvng(A)-HF, KUGPvEPvng(A)-HF-T, KUGPvEPvng(A)-FRHF, KUGPvEPvng(A)-FRHF-T according to specifications 16.К71-451-2012
specifications 16.К71-451-2012

Number of pairs in cable 

1; 2; 4; 6; 7; 8;10 ; 14; 16; 20; 24; 30; 37; 52 ; 60. 


Copper, nominal diameter from 0.35 to 2.5 (tinned copper wire can be used). 

Thermal barrier (for KUGPvEPvng(A)-FRHF-LOCA, KUGPvEPvng(A)-FRHF-T-LOCA, KUGPvEPvng(A)-FRHF, KUGPvEPvng(A)-FRHF-T) 

Mica tape wrapping. 


Made of cross-linked polyethylene composition or halogen-free crosslinked polymer composition.


Core in the form of twisted pairs of insulated cores or twisted elementary four-pair bundles.

Core wrapping 

PET-E tape wrapping (helically with overlap).

Separation layer 

Made of halogen-free thermoplastic polymer composition.


Common copper wire screen


Made of sewn halogen-free polymer composition. 

The cables are unaffected by exposure to earthquakes up to MSK magnitude 9 

KUGPvEPvng(A)-FRHF cables correspond to the first category of seismic resistance, KUGPvEPvng(A)-HF cables correspond to the second category of seismic resistance according to NP-031

They are intended for transmission of electrical signals and distribution of electrical energy in control circuits at nominal voltage of 380 V AC with frequency up to 400 Hz or at voltage of 750 V DC. Cables are designed for operation in NPP systems of classes 2 and 3 according to NP-001 for transmission of signals from instrumentation sensors located in pressurized zone of NPP as well as for general industrial application. 

Fire hazard class according to GOST 31565 for KUGPvEPvng(A)-HF-LOCA, KUGPvEPvng(A)-HF-T-LOCA, KUGPvEPvng(A)-HF and KUGPvEPvng(A)-HF-T cables is Ï1á., for KUGPvEPvng(A)- FRHF-LOCA, KUGPvEPvng(A)-FRHF-T-LOCA KUGPvEPvng(A)- FRHF and KUGPvEPvng(A)-FRHF-T is Ï1á. 

Higher ambient temperature, °C maximum60 60
operating 50
Lower ambient temperature, °C when fixed in place -50
for bending radii of at least 10 maximum outer diameters of cable -15
Higher humidity up to 98 % at a temperature of, °C 35
Fungal growth, rating 2 or less
Minimum service life of cables, years 40
You can create an application yourself. Using the "Add brand manually" button, select the required cable brand and specify the quantity. After submitting the form, our managers will contact you and clarify the details of the order.

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