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Cable plant «Energokabel»

Cable Plant JSC "Plant "Energokabel"

The cable plant JSC "Plant "Energokabel" is located in Elektrougli, Noginsk district, Moscow region. This powerful and modern enterprise, designed by the State Design Institute of the Russian Federation Ministry of Atomic Energy and the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of the Cable Industry. The plant is one of the leading enterprises in the country and is a member of the Association "Electrokabel", which consists of the largest manufacturers of cable products in Russia and in CIS, as well as the International Association "Interkabel".

Cable-Conductor Production

A wide range of discharged products is an important advantage of the plant over its competitors. "Energokabel" is the only company in Moscow and in Moscow region, which produces all kinds of cables in PVC insulation: power and control cables, cables for fire alarm systems, cables for control and monitoring circuits, as well as various kinds of wires and cables. The plant has a license for the manufacture of cable products for the nuclear power plants and the certificates of compliance with national standards, including those established for the Ministry of Defense.

The priority of the plant is the production and sale of cable and wire products of high quality that has excellent characteristics and has all required standards of operation and safety. For this aim:

  • we use new technologies and equipment of the world famous companies such as Nokia, Rosendahl, Pourtier, Sortinovis and others;
  • we test and carry out regular quality control;
  • we constantly raise staff's level of proficiency and improve the professional training of our personnel.

Cable Selling

The sale of cable products of JSC "Plant "Energokabel" successfully competes with other producers in Russia and in near abroad, offering not only excellent quality, but the acceptable prices. Thanks to high- productive equipment and advanced production capacity, the plant has the ability to confidently cope with all the orders and deliver products to customers on time. The sale of the cable is realized by the sales department in Moscow and in Elektrougli, as well as JSC "MTD "Energoregionkomplekt" in Moscow. In any of these items you can buy cable wholesale and retail, in addition, it is possible to order the delivery in other regions of Russia.