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VVG-Png(A), AVVG-Png(A), according to specifications 16–705.499-2010
specifications 16–705.499-2010


Copper or aluminum single-wire of circular form, of the 1 class according to GOST 22483.

Number of conductors

2 or 3

Nominal cross-section of main conductors

Copper 1.5 – 16

Aluminum 2.5-16


PVC-compound (color coded conductor).

Core arrangement

Insulated conductors laid in parallel in the same flat.

Inner sheath

PVC-compound of low flammability.

The cables are designed for transmission and distribution of electric energy in stationary installations on alternating voltage 0,66; and 1 kV, frequency 50 Hz

Used for installation in dry and humid industrial premises.

The cables VVG-Png(A) and AVVG-Png(A) are not recommended for laying in the ground (trenches). The cables do not spread burning at group laying.

The class of fire hazard of the cables according to GOST 31565 П1б.

Nominal voltage, kV 0,66 or 1
Ambient temperature during cable operation, °С from – 50 to + 50
Minimum bending radius, diameters of cable (for the smallest sizes)  10
The cables are laid at temperature (without preheat), 0C not below - 15
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