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KVVGng(A)- LSLTx, KVVGzng(A)- LSLTx, KVVGЕng(A)- LSLTx, KVBbShvng(A)- LSLTx, KVVG-Png(A)- LSLTx   according to specifications 3563-010-53972660-2010
Specification 3563-010-53972660-2010


Copper, single-wire, of the 1 class according to GOST 22483, with the cross-section from 0.75 to 6 mm2.


Low toxic PVC-compound of low fire hazard.

Core arrangement

The number of conductors is from 4 to 127. The insulated conductors are twisted; there is a marker pair in each layer. It is allowed digital and color coded marking of the conductors.

For cables of types KVVG-Png(A)- LSLTx the insulated conductors are laid in parallel in one flat and they are manufactured in a four-conductor modification.

Separating layer

Low toxic PVC-compound of low fire hazard.


For cables of types KVVGЕng(A)- LSLTx alumo-polymer tape is superimposed by winding or longitudinally with an overlap. Underneath the screen a copper, tinned, contact wire is laid.

Cable armoring/strong>

For cables of types KVBbShvng(A)- LSLTx is laid helically with two steel, galvanized tapes.

Cable sheath or jacket

Low toxic PVC-compound of low fire hazard.

For cables of types KVVGzng(A)- LSLTx is laid with the filling of gaps between insulated conductors.

The cables are designed for fixed connection to electrical devices and equipment, to assemblies of clamps of electrical switch gear with the nominal alternating voltage up to 660V of frequency up to 100 Hz or direct voltage up to 1000V, for group installation with taking into account the volume of combustible load of the cables in buildings, construction and structures with a massive presence of people (industrial plants, schools, hospitals, office buildings, railway stations and so on).

The screened cables are used when it is necessary to protect the electrical circuits from the influence of external electric fields.

The armored cables are used in case of danger of mechanic damage in process of operation, if the cable is not exposed to significant tensile force.

The class of fire hazard of the cables according to GOST 31565 П1б.

Nominal voltage, kV : 0,66

Ambient temperature during cable operation, °С: от – 50 до + 50

Durably allowable temperature of heating of conductors during operation, °С: +70

Minimum bending radius of the cables, diameters of the cable: armored - 10, non-armored - 6

The ambient temperature for installation of the cables (without preheat), °С, not below: -15

Service life, years, not less: 30

Smoke generation in the test cell: not more than 50 %

Test category on the flame retardance: А

The toxicity of the combustion products to the polymeric material of the cable, g/m3: 120

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