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KUPPng(A)-HF, KUPPlng(A)-HF, according to specifications 3561-411-00217053-2009
specifications 3561-411-00217053-2009

Number of pairs in the cable

12; 4; 8; 12; 16; 20; 32 and 40.

Current-carrying conductor

Copper or tin-plated copper, nominal diameter 0.8 mm (area 0.5 mm2).


Halogen-free polymer composition. Color coded.

Core arrangement and twisting

Two insulated colour-coded strands are twisted into a pair. 

The pairs are twisted into elementary four-pair bundles, with elementary bundles twisted into a core.

Belt insulation

PET-E tapes wound (helically with overlap) over the twisted core (two- and four-pair cable) or elementary bundle.


Aluminium polymer tape wrapping (helically with overlap) and tin-plated copper contact wire.

Over sheath

Grey Halogen-free polymer composition.

The cables are designed to transmit signals of up to 250VAC, 50 Hz or up to 350VDC/300mA when connecting detectors and actuators to SCADA hardware and software and to be used in the process areas outside the containment building of nuclear power stations, classes 3N, 3U, 4N and 4U as per NP-001 (rules and regulations).

Climate version B, siting category 5, atmosphere type IV (coastal industrial) as per GOST 15150 Zerohalogen, non corrosive gases: GOST IEC 60754-2

Fire retardant: GOST IEC 60332-3-22

Smoky density: GOST IEC 61034-2

The class of fire hazard of the cables according to GOST R 31565 P1b.

Increased ambient temperature, °С limit 70
operating 60
Reduced ambient temperature, °С in a fixed installation -40
in conditions of installation bending radius are not less than 10 maximum outer diameters of cable -15
high humidity up to 100% at temperature, °С 35
Fungi score not more than 2
Minimum service life of the cables, years 30


Basic colors of insulation of CCC in the elementary bunch

Number of pair 1 2 3 4
Conductor “a” blue grey green white
Conductor “b” red yellow brown purple


Additional marking of insulation of conductors is in the form of transverse of half-rings (bunches) or rings

Number of bunch 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Number of stripes 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5
Width of stripe  1-2  1-2  1-2  1-2  1-2  7-8  7-8  7-8  7-8  7-8


Electrical parameters

*L - actual cable length, m

Parameter Frequency, kHz Norm Coefficient for recalculation norms on a different length
Strand DC resistance per 1000 m of length at a temperature of 20°C, MOhm, max
Direct current 36,6 L / 1000
Strand insulation resistance per 1000 m of length at a temperature of 20°C, Ohm, min Direct current 100 1000 / L
Test voltage applied for 1 min between the strands of conducting pairs, V

0,05 1000 -
 Direct current 1500
Mutual capacitance per 1000 m of length, nF, max 0,8 or 1,0 120 L / 1000
Pair attenuation coefficient, dB/km, max 0,8 1,4 L / 1000
 Near-end crosstalk attenuation per 1000 m, min, dB 0,8  70  minus 10 lg (L / 1000)
 Wave impedance, Ohm 0,8  -  (430±15)%
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