ПуГВнг(А)-LS (PuGVng(A)-LS) - Russian analogue of H07V2-R Flame Retardant Low Smoke


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The wires and cables are intended for distribution of electric energy in the electric installations at stationary laying in lighting and power electric networks as well as for installation of electrical equipment, machines, tools and other machines, indoor electric settings, for installation outdoors and in the industrial premises, steel pipes, and hollow channels of building structures, hidden under the plaster lining.

The wire used for the installation of electrical circuits, power motors, various industrial and laboratory equipment, and portable devices.

The wires are intended for operation on the nominal alternating voltage up to and including 450/750V of nominal frequency up to 400 Hz or on direct voltage up to and including 1000V.

The wires and cables are used for group installation on category A.

The class of fire hazard of the cables according to GOST 31565 - П1Б


Current-carrying conductor

Copper, of the 5 class

Number of insulated conductors


Range of cross-sections, mm2




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Number of cores, nominal cross-section (mm 2 ), the execution, the voltage (kV)
Length, m