KуГРЭВнг(А)-FRLS (KuGREVng(A)-FRLS) Russian analogue of Bitflame SL(ST) FE180/E30 Low Smoke

KуГРЭВнг(А)-FRLS (KuGREVng(A)-FRLS)  Russian analogue of Bitflame  SL(ST) FE180/E30 Low Smoke

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The cables are intended for electric installations at stationary laying in lighting and power electric networks as well as for installation of electrical equipment, machines, tools and other machines on the nominal alternating voltage up to 220/380V of frequency up to 400 Hz or on direct voltage up to and including 700V.

The cables do not spread combustion at group stationary installation of cable lines, in the absence of mechanical effects and keep working when exposed to flame not less than 180 minutes.

They are designed for wiring and networks of the wiring circuits of emergency power supply of the equipment (current collectors), in residential and public buildings, in the surgical departments of hospitals, in office premises, equipped with computer and microprocessor devices, entertainment complexes and sports facilities, as well as at other objects with the high demand of fire safety.

The class of fire hazard of the cables according to GOST 31565 - П1Б1.2.2.2.


Number of conductors

From 2 to 5


Copper, multi-wire of circular form of the 5 class (for cross-sections from 0.5 up to 16 mm2)


Ceramics-forming rubber.

Core arrangement

Insulated conductors of 2-5 core cables are twisted.

Inner sheath

PVC-compound of low fire hazard.


Aluminum tape with the contact conductor of copper, galvanized wire.

Over sheath

PVC-compound of low fire hazard.

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