АВВГЭ-ХЛ (AVVGE-KhL) – Russian analogue of NAYCY Cold Resistance


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The cables are designed for transmission and distribution of electric energy in stationary installations on a nominal alternating voltage 0,66 and 1kV, nominal frequency 50 Hz or direct voltage 1 and 1.5 kV respectively. While manufacturing the cables one use the materials, which allow the cables to be resistant to low temperatures up to - 60 °С (degrees below zero).

The class of fire hazard of the cables is according to GOST 31565



Aluminum core, circular or sector-shaped form of the 1 or 2 class according to GOST 22483.


PVC- compound (color coded conductor).

Core arrangement and twisting

Insulated conductors of 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 core cables twisted in cable core.

Inner sheath

It is made by extrusion with filling of exterior gaps between insulated cores or for not armored cables with copper conductors is allowed taping with PVC tapes with the filling of exterior gaps between insulated cores, insulating cords (bundles).


For cables of types AVVGE-KhL is made of copper tapes or copper wires and spiral taping with copper tape.

Cable sheath or jacket

PVC compound.

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