ПвВГЭнг(А)-LS (PvVGЕng(A)-LS)– Russian analogue of NHXCYu Flame Retardant Low Smoke


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The cables are designed for transmission and distribution of electric energy in stationary electric installations, for installation in cable structures, buildings and underground structures, including flammable and explosive areas.

The cables of types PvVGEng(A)-LS and PvBShvng(A)-LS of rated voltage 3 kV are used in DC voltage units and they are available in single-core modification.

The class of fire hazard of the cables according to GOST 31565-2012 П1б.



Nominal voltage, kV – 0.66, 1 or 3

Ambient temperature during cable operation, 0C - from -50 to +50

Resistant with a relative humidity up to 98% at ambient temperature,degree Celsius +35

Minimum bending radius, diameters of cable:

for single-wire – 10

for multi-wire – 7.5

Cervice life, years, not less: 40

Smoke generation in the test cell: not more than 40 %

Flame retardance test category: А

Equivalent toxicity index, g/m3 , more than: 40




Copper, single-wire or multi-wire of the 1st or 2nd classes according to GOST 22483-2012, of the cross-section for 0.66 kV – 1.5 – 50 mm2 ;

for 1 kV – 1.5 – 240 mm2 , single-wire – 50-630 мм2;

for 3 kV – 240 – 360 mm2.

Thermal barrier

The lapping with mica tapes.


Cross-linked, halogen free, polymer composition.

For single-wire cables of 3kV the screen of copper tapes or copper wires is overlapped on the insulation.

Screen for single-wire cables of nominal voltage 3kV:

It is made of copper tapes or copper wires and a copper tape overlaid spirally.

Core arrangement

Insulated conductors of multi-core cables on 0.66 and 1kV are twisted in a cable core.

The cables have got distinctive markings of insulated cores: color or digital.

Inner sheath or separating layer (for armored cables on voltage 3kV)

It is made by extrusion with filling with the halogen free polymer compositions.

Cable armoring

For cables of types PvBPng(A)-HF is laid helically with two steel, galvanized tapes.

It is possible to lay the PET-tapes by winding or longitudinally over the armor.

Cable sheath or jacket

Halogen free polymer composition.

Number and nominal cross-section of conductors (mm2) External diameter of cable, mm Weight, kg
PvVGЕng(A)-LS 1х240-3 26,6 2726
PvVGЕng(A)-LS 1х300-3 28,8 3320
PvVGЕng(A)-LS 1х400-3 32,2 4317
PvVGЕng(A)-LS 1х500-3 35,5 5344
PvVGЕng(A)-LS 1х630-3 40,2 6746