ВВГгнг(А)-ХЛ (VVGgng(A)-KhL) – Russian analogue of NAYB(Al)Y Cold Resistance Flame Retardant АВВГгнг(А)-ХЛ (AVVGgng(A)-KhL) – Russian analogue of NY(F)Y Cold Resistance Flame Retardant ВВГЭгнг(А)-ХЛ (VVGEgng(A)-KhL) – Russian analogue of NAY(F)Y Cold Resistance Flame Retardant АВВГЭгнг(А)-ХЛ (AVVGEgng(A)-KhL) – Russian analogue of NY(F)CY Cold Resistance Flame Retardant ВБШвгнг(А)-ХЛ (VBShvgng(A)-KhL) - Russian analogue of NAY(F)CY Cold Resistance Flame Retardant АВБШвгнг(А)-ХЛ (AVBShvgng(A)-KhL) – Russian analogue of NY(F)BY Cold Resistance Flame Retardant ВБаШвгнг(А)-ХЛ (VBaShvgng(A)-KhL) – Russian analogue oNAY(F)BY Cold Resistance Flame Retardant АВБаШвгнг(А)-ХЛ (AVBaShvgng(A)-KhL)– Russian analogue oNY(F)B(Al)Y Cold Resistance Flame Retardant ВЭБШвгнг(А)-ХЛ (VEBShvgng(A)-KhL) – Russian analogue of NCY(F)BY Cold Resistance Flame Retardant АВЭБШвгнг(А)-ХЛ (AVEBShvgng(A)-KhL)– Russian analogue of NACY(F)BY Cold Resistance Flame Retardant ВЭБаШвгнг(А)-ХЛ (VEBaShvgng(A)-KhL)– Russian analogue of NCY(F)B(Al)Y Cold Resistance Flame Retardant АВЭБаШвгнг(А)-ХЛ (АVEBaShvgng(A)-KhL) – Russian analogue of NACY(F)B(Al)Y Cold Resistance Flame Retardant

VVGgng(A)-KhL, AVVGgng(A)-KhL, VVGEgng(A)-KhL, AVVGEgng(A)-KhL, VBShVgng(A)–KhL, AVBShVgng(A)–KhL, VBaShVgng(A)–KhL, AVBaShVgng(A)–KhL, VeBShvgng(A)–KhL, AVeBShvgng(A)–KhL, VeBShvgng(A)–KhL, АVeBShvgng(A)–KhL

specifications 16 .K121-027-20133

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Copper or aluminum, single-wire or multi-wire core, of circular or sector-shaped form, of the 1 or 2 class according to GOST 22483 with the cross-section from 1.5 to 1000 mm2.


PVC-compound of low flammability (color coded conductor).

Core arrangement

Insulated conductors of 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 core cables twisted in cable core with water blocking elements.

Inner sheath

PVC-compound of low flammability is manufactured with the filling of exterior gaps between insolated conductors.


For cables of types VVGEgng(A)Kh-L, AVVGEgng(A)Kh-L, VeBShvgng(A)–Kh-L, AVeBShvgng(A)– Kh-L, VeBShvgng(A)–Kh-L, АVeBShvgng(A)–Kh-L is made of copper tapes or copper wires and taping with a copper tape.

Tapes of water-blocking material in the form of a coil on top of the screen.

Separation layer

PVC-compound of low flammability for cables of types VeBShvgng(A)–Kh-L, AVeBShvgng(A)–Kh-L, VeBShvgng(A)–Kh-L, АVeBShvgng(A)–Kh-L.

Cable armoring

Laid helically:

  • Two steel, galvanized tapes for cables of types VBShVgng(A)–KhL, AVBShVgng(A)–KhL, VeBShvgng(A)–KhL, AVeBShvgng(A)–KhL;
  • two aluminum tapes or aluminum alloy for cables of types VBaShVgng(A)–KhL, AVBaShVgng(A)–KhL, VeBShvgng(A)–KhL, АVeBShvgng (A)–KhL.

Cable sheath or jacket

PVC-compound of low flammability.

The cables are designed for transmission and distribution of electric energy in stationary electric installations on alternating voltage 0,66 and 1 kV and frequency 50 Hz or direct voltage 1 and 1.5 kV correspondingly with the possibility of installation without preheat at temperature up to -30o C.

The cables are used for group installation in cable lines in cable constructions, open-air electrical installations (cable overpasses, arcades).

Shielded cables are used when it is necessary to protect the electric chains from influence of external electric fields.

The armored cables are used in case of danger of mechanical damage in process of operation, if the cable is not subjected to significant tensile forces.

While manufacturing the cables the materials, which allow the cables to be resistant to ambient low temperatures up to – 600C (degrees below zero)as well as water blocking materials, which provide resistance to longitudinal water penetration and install of the cables in wet conditions are used.

The class of fire hazard of the cables according to GOST 31565 of cables of modification «ng (À)–KhL» - П1б.

Nominal voltage, kV 0,66 or 1
Ambient temperature during cable operation, °С from – 60 to + 50
Minimum bending radius, diameters of cable for multi-wire 7,5
for single-wire 10
The cables are laid at temperature (without preheat), °С, not below - 15


Nominal voltage of the cables, number and nominal cross-section of current - carrying conductor

* – for operation in DC voltage only

Type of cable Number of conductors Nominal cross-section of main conductors, mm2
Nominal voltage, kV
0,66 1
VVGgng(A)-KhL, VVGEgng(A)-KhL 1 1,5 – 50 1,5 – 1000
AVVGgng(A)-KhL, AVVGEgng(A)-KhL 2,5 – 50 2,5 – 1000
VBShvgng(A)-KhL*, VBaShvgng(A)-KhL, VeBShvgng(A)-KhL*, VeBaShvgng(A)-KhL 1,5 – 1000
AVBShvgng(A)-KhL*, AVBaShvgng(A)-KhL, AVEBShvgng(A)-KhL*, АVEBaShvgng(A)-KhL 2,5 – 1000
VVGgng(A)-KhL, VVGEgng(A)-KhL 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 1,5 – 50 1,5 – 400
AVVGgng(A)-KhL, AVVGEgng(A)-KhL 2,5 – 50 2,5 - 400
VBShvgng(A)-KhL, VBaShvgng(A)-KhL, VEBShvgng(A)-KhL, VEBaShvgng(A)-KhL 1,5 – 50 1,5 – 400
AVBShvgng(A)-KhL, AVBaShvgng(A)-KhL, AVEBShvgng(A)-KhL, АVEBaShvgng(A)-KhL 2,5 – 50 2,5 - 400



Current-carrying conductors are manufactured singleor multi-wire in accordance with the table

Type of conductor Nominal cross-section of main conductors, mm2
Circular Sector-shaped
copper aluminum copper aluminum
singular 1,5 - 50 2,5 - 300 25 - 400
multi-wire 16 - 1000 25 - 1000 25 - 400 25 - 400



Cross-section of copper wires

Designation Nominal cross-section of main conductors, mm2
Main conductors 1,5 2,5 4 6 10 16 25 35
Screen 1,5 2,5 4 6 10 16 16 16
Designation Nominal cross-section of main conductors, mm2
Main conductors 50 70 95 120 150 185 240 300 400
Screen 25 35 50 70 70 95 120 150 185

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