ПвБПнг(А)-FRHF (PvBPng(A)-FRHF) – Russian analogue of N2XBH FE180/E90 MICA, PRAFla® SXP

ПвБПнг(А)-FRHF (PvBPng(A)-FRHF) – Russian analogue of N2XBH FE180/E90 MICA, PRAFla® SXP

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The cables are designed for transmission and distribution of electric power in the fixed networks on the nominal alternating voltage 0.66 and 1kV and nominal frequency 50 Hz.

The cables are used for group installation of cable power lines of safety systems, wiring circuits of fire safety, (the wiring circuits of systems of fire alarm, power of pumps of fire suppression, illuminations of emergency exits and escape routes, smoke removal systems and ventilation, evacuation lifts).

For wiring in the surgical departments of hospitals, of the wiring circuits of emergency power supply of the equipment (current collectors), functioning in case of fire. It keeps working in case of fire during 180 (FE180) or 240 (FE240) minutes.

The class of fire hazard of the cables according to GOST 31565 П1б.



Copper, single-wire or multi-wire core, of circular or sector-shaped form, of the 1 or 2 class according to GOST 22483 with the cross-section from 1.5 to 1000mm2

Thermal barrier for CCC (current-carrying conductor)

The overlapping with two mica tapes.



Core arrangement

Insulated conductors of 2, 3, 4 and 5 core cables are twisted in a cable core.

Inner sheath

Halogen-free polymer composition.

Thermal barrier

Lapped with mica or fiber glass tapes.

Additional thermal barrier (for “FE240”)

Taped with fiber glass mica tapes.

Cable armoring

For cables of types PvBPng-FRHF is laid helically with two steel, galvanized tapes over the thermal barrier.

Over sheath or jacket

Of halogen-free polymer composition.

Number of conductors, nominal cross-section (mm2), construction, voltage (kV) Calculated diameter of cable, mm Calculated weight of cable, kg/km
PvBPng(A)-FRHF 4х70мс(N)-1 38,8 3935
PvBPng(A)-FRHF 4х95мс(N)-1 42,6 5052
PvBPng(A)-FRHF 4х120мс(N)-1 46,7 6188
PvBPng(A)-FRHF 4х150мс(N)-1 51,3 7681
PvBPng(A)-FRHF 4х185мс(N)-1 56,5 9390
PvBPng(A)-FRHF 4х240мс(N)-1 61,9 11774