КВВГЭгнг(А)-ХЛ (KVVGЕgng(A)-KhL) - Russian analogue of NY(F)(St)Y Super Cold Resistance Flame Retardant


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The cables are designed for fixed connection to electrical devices and equipment, to assemblies of clamps of electrical switch gear with the nominal alternating voltage up to 660V of frequency up to 100 Hz or direct voltage up to 1000V.

The cables are used at group installation of cable lines in cable structures, outdoor (open-air) electric units (cable racks and galleries) and they are designed for use at ambient low temperature from minus 600C to plus 500C.

For manufacturing of the cables the materials which provide resistance of the cables to the impact of ambient low temperature are used. It is possible to lay the cable without preheat at temperature up to minus 300C.

The screened cables are used when it is necessary to protect the electrical circuits from the influence of electric fields.

The class of fire hazard of the cables according to GOST 31565 П1б.



Copper, single-wire, of the 1 class according to GOST 22483, with the cross-section from 0.75 to 6 mm2.


PVC-compound of low flammability.

Core arrangement

From 4 to 127 insulated conductors. The insulated conductors are twisted; there is a marker pair in each layer. It is allowed a digital and color coded marking of the conductors. In the waterproof cables the insulated conductors are twisted with the water blocking elements.

Separating layer

PVC-compound of low flammability. For waterproof cables it is allowed taping with water blocking tapes.


For cables of types KVVGЕng(A)-KhL - foiled alumoflex with the contact conductor with a copper, galvanized wire.

Over sheath

PVC-compound of low flammability.

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