КПСнг(А)-FRHF (KPSng(A)-FRHF) - Russian analogue of JE-2GH...Bd FE180 E30-E90 Keram

КПСнг(А)-FRHF (KPSng(A)-FRHF) - Russian analogue  of JE-2GH...Bd FE180 E30-E90 Keram

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The cables are designed for single or group fixed laying in fire protection systems, fire alarm systems in warning systems and evacuation management of people in case of fire, in buildings, constructions and structures ( industrial enterprises, schools, hospitals, office premises, high-rise buildings, subways and nuclear power plants) where requirements for cables and wires to survive in fire conditions exist.

The cables keep working in fire conditions for a period of 180 minutes.

They are operated inside and outside the premises, provided protection from direct affect of solar radiation and precipitation.

The class of fire hazard of the cables according to GOST 31565 П1б.


Current-carrying conductor

Copper, single-wire of the 1 class according to GOST 22483, with the cross-sections from 0.2 to 2.5mm2.


Silicon organic rubber (color-coded conductors).

Core arrangement and twisting

Insulated conductors are twisted in pairs. The twisted pairs are situated in parallel in cables with two pairs.

Over sheath

Halogen-free polymer composition.

Number of pairs in cable, pcs Cross-section, mm2 External dimensions or diameter of cable, mm Calculated weight of 1km of cable, kg/km
KPSng(A)-FRHF 1 0,2 4,3 20
2 4,3х7,3 34
KPSng(A)-FRHF 1 0,35 4,8 26
2 4,8х8,4 45
KPSng(A)-FRHF 1 0,5 5,2 30
2 5,2х9,2 54
KPSng(A)-FRHF 1 0,75 6 37
2 5,4х10,0 67
KPSng(A)-FRHF 1 1 6,1 45
2 6,1х11,0 82
KPSng(A)-FRHF 1 1,5 6,8 58
2 6,8х12,3 107
KPSng(A)-FRHF 1 2,5 7,7 81
2 7,7х14,2 152