Joint Stock Company "Energokabel" was established in 2000 for building a plant for the production of cable-conductor products. The place of building was chosen on the basis of the former DCS of "Minelektrotehprom" in the town Elektrougli, Noginsk district, Moscow region.

A project of the plant which provides the organization of production of conductors and cables with the plastic insulation of voltage of 450, 660 and 1000 volts was executed during 2001by the State Specialized Design Institute of Atomic Energy of the Russian Federation (SSDI) and the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Cable Industry (DCS VNIIKP).

The output of the production at the plant began in October 2002. In subsequent years the plant carried out the intensive work for gradual raising of the productive capacity, reconstructing of buildings and constructions, training of personnel and increasing of the output.



In 2003, the plant "Energokabel" was admitted to the Association "Electrokabel", uniting 65 cable manufacturers which are located in Russia and in the CIS. The technological and industrial base, which is established in the short term, allows that JSC "Energokabel" constantly expands the range of cables and conductors and produces the high quality products.

In 2005 the plant was admitted in the International Association "Interkabel".

In May 2014, the Plant "Energokabel" obtained the next license of Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision for the right to manufacture cables for the nuclear power plants. The license is to manufacture equipment for the nuclear power plants № CO-12-101-8647 from 29.04.2015.

Nowadays the Plant "Energokabel" is a modern enterprise, equipped with technological equipment, enabling to carry out all technological process steps for the production of power and control cables, setting and connective conductors with plastic insulation, special cables, including testing, packaging and shipping. The Plant "Energokabel" is the only company in Moscow and in Moscow region, which manufactures almost the entire range of cable products in plastic insulation. The plant produces more than 150 000 marcs and sizes of products. In terms of volume of production the Plant "Energokabel" ranks the third place among the industrial enterprises of Noginsk district.

The equipment of the leading manufacturers: Maillefer, Nokia, Kukama, Kabmatik, Rosendahl, Pourtier, Kraft, Cortinovis and others is installed at the Plant.

At present the Plant is one of the core enterprises, where about 600 people works.

The staff of the Plant and its leaders have repeatedly been awarded the letters of thanks and the diplomas of the Head of Noginsk district and Mayor of Elektrougli.

In December 2015 the plant team was awarded the Diploma of the Moscow Regional Duma for the great contribution to the socio-economic development of the region.